2016. már 15.


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I wanted to write about failure for a while now. I am very interested in the topic, because I think failure has a very positive side. I think more and more people realize the value of it. In my opinion it is a natural part of success. It means we try and if we don’t give up we will succed eventually. 

I read a few articles on the topic and there was a quote from Thomas A. Edison : „I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work.”

Isn’t it amazing? It is all about finding different approaches.  In this sense failure only exists when you give up on your goal. Until you don’t give up  you are destined to succeed.

Even the Beatles failed in the beginning. When The Beatles first auditioned for a recording compact in 1962, Decca Records rejected them.

I failed many times in my life, but I don’t mind it anymore. Moreover, I really appreciate those experiences. All of them gave me chances to become more human, to feel more at ease with human existence.
So now I have a different relationship with failure. It is a part of life, it is natural and because it is natural, it is also wonderful and vital.

Imagine when you were a child, you had to learn a lot, such as walking. How many times did you fall down?  Did you stand up, or you just said „screw it I’m just gonna stay here, because I failed, it must be not for me.” I guess you stood up and you didn’t even have a single thought of staying on the ground.  You didn’t even know the meaning of the word failure.

I think in a way it is fun to fail. Often we can have a great laugh at our mistakes. There is a sweetness accompanies learning. Somehow we appreciate those who aspire for the better and even if they are clumsy we have a warm feeling for them. Just think about learning another language. We make so many mistakes in the beginning, but for a native speaker is rather cute, than disturbing.

So, if you have never failed I highly recommend you to try. If you already failed once or more and you feel bad about it I highly recommend you to laugh. If you already failed once or more and you managed to laugh at it I highly recommend you to keep it up. :)



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