2016. már 03.

Small world :)

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Small world :)

An amazing meeting happened to me!

I met Zeeda in the hostel. In the middle of the check-in process I realized that she holds a Californian drivers licence. I got a little excited and asked her which area she comes from. She told me that she is from the Northern part. I got more excited. "So you know Petaluma, Sebastopol etc." Of course she knew! After a few words we found out that she even knows Odiyan and Ratna ling where I spent one year in a Buddhist community. But the most surprising part was that she knew Sarah. I used to work with Sarah!!!

For a few minutes I was shocked, I kept laughing and explaining the people around me what just happened. Isn't life wonderful?

It is unbelievable how small our home is, or how endless our possibilities are nowadays. Many of us are fortunate enough to travel around the world and experience such miracles. Cause I think it is.

On the picture you can see Sarah and the others with whom I spent one year in Ratna ling.



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