2016. feb 15.

Prayer on the hill

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Prayer on the hill

I got accepted, so I can start my English teacher training in May. It is an one month intensive course. It’s called CELTA and the certification is good for most of the places on Earth. J It means that I will be an English teacher!!! :D

I want to share something else with you. My amazing experience from yesterday. My dear friend Anita asked me, if I want to climb the Gellért hill (A hill on the Buda side of Budapest). I said: „You know Anita, I am working until 10pm and I will work the next morning as well. I don’t know... Why do you want to go there anyway?” She said: „I want to ask the universe to help me let go of things I don’t need anymore.”                                              I answered without hesitation: „Ok, let’s go!” I have some stuff to let go, you can tell. :D

So I went to work to the hostel, where I met two amazing people and we had an awesome conversation about society, the world. We agreed, we disagreed, we laughed, we danced and we listened to each other. I told them our plan to climb the hill and they wanted to join in, but it was raining. You know the kind of rain that just doesn’t seem to stop. I told them, no worries, it will stop by then and we can go. It stopped and we left the hostel.

Not many people were on the top. We took pictures and we enjoyed the magnificent view. We were in love with life. Anita grabbed my hands (she was beautiful) and we prayed. She told a little prayer. We asked the universe to help us let go of anything that doesn’t serve us anymore and to have space to recieve everything that serves our life, our existence. We stood there, on top of the hill, and just looked at each other. The city was in peace and full of lights. At that moment we know that someone, somewhere did listen to us and we have nothing to worry about.

Sometimes the most you can do is to pray...

Thank you Anita.


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