2016. már 26.


írta: gagi10

I am here and I realized that not much time left until I am leaving the hostel. I can't imagine how it will be. I have been working here for about 3 years now. This place became my second home and the people here are my second family. We know every single thing about each other. The light sides and the dark sides as well and we are able to love and accept each other. I am really thankful for the opportunity to work here. It is such a unique place filled with unique people. 

I still have about one month though. How will it be? To leave such a secure place behind? I don't know, but I trust. Life always treated me well and I have the idea of traveling for a long time now. I just can't ignore that inner voice, because I believe something is waiting for me out there. So the only thing I can do is to trust myself and my friends as well, because I know they will be always there for me. 

I love you guys, I love you Colors hostel!


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