2016. ápr 08.

My artist cousin :)

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My artist cousin :)

I know, nowadays I am writing a lot about my family. I love them more and more and I am really proud of them. So many creative and good hearted people.

Yesterday me and my brother went to an event. It was my cousin’s thesis. She is a fashion designer student. According to my opinion they found out a brilliant idea with her friend. They put draper on the wall and anybody could paint on it.

So me and my brother went to participate. In the beginning I didn’t really know what to paint, but as soon as I was in front of the textile I immediately started to create. I enjoyed it so much. Just to let out whatever came to my mind.

We spent about two hours there and we also got the chance to talk to my cousin. She told a lot about her school and about her work. It was very interesting. She is passionate about her work and I just felt very fortunate to have her as my cousin.

It is a very cool thing to create something, even if I am not a professional I had a very good time and finished my creation with an amazing feeling. :)


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