2016. jún 19.

From Hungary to France

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From Hungary to France

I don't even know how to start. There are so much to say. In the last few days I lived more than in the last year. I slept on a field, in a bus stop, in a Swiss home, in a pension, in a train station and I met "ordinary" people who helped us in need. I have to admit there is no such thing as ordinary. Every single person and every single trip is unique. We met a Christian lady with her sweet child and lovely husband, the salesman, who hitchiked to the North cap when he was young, the lady who was beaten by a psychotic but now she gained trust in people again, a guy whom we fall in love with a little, the easy going hippie who drove his truck( or his house) and I could go on. So many stories, so many lives and we met. We are in France now and we started from Budapest, what happened between is not only a travel, but life itself.
I had the feeling that whatever we did was the right thing to do . We always found our way and it seemed it is just impossible to get completely lost. We got lost, but we always found the way forward . Isn't it life? I believe hitchiking is a vulnerable situation, there is no other way, only trust. Why would I want to be vulnerable? If you ask me I say because I learn to love deeper, I learn to feel deeper and I learn to understand others and myself better, I learn to appreciate and I learn much more about life than I would ever do in school. Is it scary? In the beginning yes, but it worths every single moment.

The picture was taken in Switzerland.


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