2016. feb 10.


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One of my good friends suggested me to write a little deeper about myself, because the blog is a little superficial.

So, now I try my best to dig a little deeper.

That’s why I decided to dedicate this article to fear from a positive point of view.

It is a little scary to write down my thoughts, because normally we judge easily and being judged is not a good feeling.

I think Everyone has her/his own fear. Mine is rejection right now and failure. So, how can I deal with it? Go into your fear even if it is very scary. If you manage to face with it, probably you can find out that there is nothing to worry about. Because you can just keep moving forward. Keep walking the path. That’s how we can grow. Fear can be a really good friend which shows the way to liberation.

I admire a Buddhist nun, she called Pema Chödrön. She likes using a quote.

„Fail, fail and fail better.”

This qoute is often in my mind. It comforts me. I don’t have to be afraid and I can keep trying. Letting go of fear is one of the best things in life.

When I did horse riding, I often fell from the horseback. What’s happened? I always sit back even if I was deeply scared. My heart was just bouncing crazy, but I wanted to learn horse riding. That’s how I was able to go to show jumping competitions and that’s how I had the opportunity to have the best experiences in my life.

I could go on with examples, but I think you already know what I am talking about.

Am I afraid of the travel? Yes, I am...


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