2016. ápr 27.


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The other day I got a picture that I totally forgot about from one of my great friend, Talia. It reminded me for a precious time.

I used to think that I have a bad voice, so I would avoid singing for a long time. Even if I sang, I made fun out of myself.

Then I went to the US, where I had the chance to try my voice once again. Many people tell me that they have a bad voice, so they wouldn't sing. But it is such a gift to sing. Most of us are able to make sounds with our mouth, so why wouldn't we do one of the most natural thing in life, to sing.

Back to the US. So, when I was there we would sing many mantras and also sing just for fun. What I realized is that my voice wasn't bad at all. In fact it was something nice to listen to. I'm not saying that I should be a singer, but the joy of singing brought out something long forgotten from me.

First I would just try it in a group, but I started to enjoy so much, so I wanted to practice more. Once during a sharing night I sang a Hungarian song, one of my grandfather's favorite. I was shaking, but the feeling was amazing. I just loved it and people around me enjoyed it too (at least that's what they said :D ).

On the picture me and Anson are practicing. Thank you soooo much for the wonderful experience and thank you dear Talia for sending me the picture.

So, according to my experience just enjoy singing, it cannot be that bad. :)




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